Help Customers Configure Their Own Vehicle Safely And Accurately

This Build-Your-Own Configurator allows you to set and test models and modifications safely before allowing customers to use them.

safely test and modify data across multiple environments

The data which powers the Build-Your-Own Configurator goes through many phases of testing and modification before being made available for public consumption.  

Attributes across models, features, pricing, packages, etc., must be valid, accurate, and complete.  Having inaccurate data can lead to a bad user experience or lost sales as customer expectations are not set correctly.  

Our intuitive VDML UI allows our customers to safely test and modify data across multiple environments before making it publicly available.  Data is provided to VDML via our Application Programming Interface (API), CSV other types of flat files on a scheduled basis. In addition, VDML offers customizations for adding, removing, or hiding fields and defining specific data types for fields.  

Once a vehicle is set up for one environment, it can be versioned and published to the specified Build-Your-Own environment. Once the version is published, its “configurability” can then be tested on the specified environment. The different versions are stored and available for the user to revert to when necessary.