The Women of S44: Celebrating Women's Month

In celebration of International Women's Month, S44 profiles some of the women on the team who inspire us. From design and engineering, to operations and project management, the women of S44 are contributing to our mission of innovation and impact every day and apply diverse experiences and interests to our growing team.

S44 Team

Meet Kathrin, Design Manager & Ski Aficionado

Can you tell us a little about yourself?  

I am a Brand Design Manager based in Munich, Germany.

I was born and raised in Coburg, Germany, a small town that’s like something out of a picture book. With a gorgeous cute old town with half-timbered houses, a castle that towers over the city, and some other nearby castles thrown in for good measure.  

I moved to Munich over ten years ago and live close to the mountains. Winter here is amazing, and the mountains are synonymous with the season. The snow-capped peaks are the perfect place to recharge my batteries, and I love skiing in the quiet, solitude that the mountains provide. Skiing for me is not just a hobby; it’s a passion, a change for the mind and body. It is an indescribable feeling of happiness when far and wide no one else is around me, and the powder-like snow is up to my knees.  

What influenced you to pursue a career in design?

I have both, a B.A. and a M.A., and my background is interior design. My professors always encouraged me to think outside the box by learning things others may not dare to explore. Because I’ve always pushed boundaries and exposed myself to a wide range of experiences, my passion for design is boundless and covers many areas. So I parlayed my education and experience with interior design to graphic design and brand.

What (or who) inspires you in this career, or in general?

Being a creative person, inspiration is everywhere. I can be inspired by art exhibitions as much as I can by walking through my favorite neighborhoods. To me, inspiration is about keeping your eyes and mind open, and it’ll flow through you.  

What piece of advice would you give to another woman pursuing a career in your field?

Be brave & curious! In design and creative areas, you need to take risks to improve and progress. The other piece of advice I’d like to tack onto this is to stand up for your ideas. Not everyone will understand what you’re trying to achieve right away, but people will often follow along if you can stand up for your ideas and inspire them.

When you dream about future opportunities or possibilities – what do you aspire towards?  

I love what I do and am grateful to have gotten to where I am now. I believe you make your own opportunities, whether intentional or not. The key here is to recognize when they happen and seize them! It makes me feel good to know I can still learn and grow.