Intelligent SaaS Product Suite

Within automotive, AutoIntel powers modern, customer-centric automotive retail through a range of SaaS applications to personalize and optimize sales and marketing efforts and supply chain processes. This product suite is the only one in the industry that completely models products and user behaviors. 

Configurator Overview

Our API-based configurator core is a powerful, time-dependent product data model that offers flexibility across various domains — combining different products and services from other areas or even different domains to create consistent, customer-specific offers.

Automated Conflict Resolution

AutoIntel Configurator handles complex product data and and identifies solutions to configuration rule conflicts” without disrupting the Customer Journey.

Context Sensitivity

Using real-time data, user behaviors, and related events, AutoIntel provides context to different datasets.

Data Quality Assurance

Our Data Maintenance Suite for the administration of product data anticipates quality issues in temporal product data.

Unmatched Performance

AutoIntel’s relentless optimization and customized programming language maximizes performance.

Dynamic Data Model

The adaptive technology enables the integration of different product data structures to continue evolving to customer needs.​

Recommender Overview

The development and implementation of AutoIntel’s Recommender system are underpinned by understanding relationships between users and products. Working in line with the online configurator, inventory management, and product detail pages, the Recommender enhances system performance based on accurate data in real-time. Take the guesswork away from what your customers want and accurately supply what they need.

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