Meet the AutoIntel Product Suite

An API-based SaaS solution that streamlines the digital retail experience and converts prospects into buyers.

Digital Retail Experience

Our product combines user insights, inventory data, and product features to deliver a uniquely personalized customer experience at scale. Three digital retail products can be implemented together or Individually: Recommender System, Intelligent Chat: Whiz, and Product Configurator.

Automotive Metaspace

The AutoIntel Metaspace formats disparate data in one common structure, working as a layer between data intake and machine learning. It is key in facilitating feature mapping across AI solutions.

Intent Modelling

AutoIntel Intent Model leverages data, interaction sequences and previous user intel, to predict and adjust algorithms that inform predictive modeling and customer analytics.

Deep Hybrid Recommender

The AutoIntel recommender system identifies user preferences and recommends inventory based on aggregate consumer and product data points coupled with millions of user data points conveying preferences. The preconfigured build recommender generates fully assembled vehicles that are tailored to a prospective customer.

Vehicle Similarity Metrics

AutoIntel’s Vehicle Distance Kernet ranks preferred configurations against available geo-specific inventory. The result is served up to a potential customer and also offers insights to dealerships on their inventory relative to customers in their area.

Whiz Chat

Whiz is AutoIntel's intelligent customer engagement experience. The Whiz platform enables customers to communicate with automotive experts as they are configuring their build. The platform incorporates machine learning to facilitate easy communication between the user and the expert.


AutoIntel’s dashboard visualizes prospective customers' feature preferences giving critical insights to OEMs and specific dealerships on customer needs and preferences. This critical tool informs future supply chain vehicles and features, and inventory decisions related to set geographies to reduce waste and place desired vehicles in future customers' hands.

Insights Dashboard: Product Demand, Supply Chain and Customer Preferences

AutoIntel impacts the entire value chain – from  understanding what products are needed in stock to reducing production, shipment, and storage investment, and providing insights for future product innovation. Data is housed and tracked via easy-to-navigate dashboard offering critical insights to OEMs and  dealerships.

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