Kathrin Sokolowskij

Brand Design Manager

What are your credentials/past experience for working in your position?

I am an interdisciplinary designer who looks at the big picture. What made me that way?  

I had great professors during my bachelor's degree in interior design and my master's degree in furniture design. Through their support, I could fully utilize my skills in other design disciplines that were later essential to my professional career. This laid the foundation for my entire multi-faceted skillset as a Brand Designer.

What do you like about working at S44?

We have a good team spirit here. Everyone contributes their different skills, which makes us a strong superhero team. You can rely on each other. We are all passionate, and that helps us to drive each other. That's why I enjoy working with my team so much!

What’s your background?

Even as a child, I was very interested in crafts. That's why I'm not only creative on the computer or iPad but also do handcrafts in my spare time. Drilling, sawing, Mounting lights, laying floors, or building furniture? No problem, I learned everything from my dad!

What are the values that drive you?

I am respectful by nature and expect that respect to be returned. Yet, I have such a massive appreciation for honesty and integrity. These values drive me because they open up the world of possibilities through collaboration and communication. I believe in teamwork and everyone can contribute to a project as long as communication is respectful, honest, and appreciated.

Favorite quote:

“The simplest is not always the best solution, but the best solution is always simple.”

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books?

Favorite Book (at the moment): Munich Ski Touring Mountains

Favorite Magazine (every month): AD Architectural Digest

Favorite Podcast (now and then): t3n – a weekly Podcast for digital pioneers

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