Wladislaw Sokolowskij

Co-Founder & Senior Digital and UX Designer

What are your credentials/past experience for working in your position?  

I have over 20 Years of Digital Experience, Art & Design, and it took me six years to complete my First Oil Painting.  

I began my career as a Digital Designer as a Freelancer in 2003, and I got awarded a Scholarship to study Communication Design from 2005-2007. After that, I quit studying because it was too theory-based for me. I preferred more practical learning – real jobs, so I continued working with “Joinr”  2006-2009.  

I was involved as a Product UI Designer in a German Start-Up Community to optimize the platform and branding. From 2006-2011 I worked with Gleis4 Streetwear, a co-partner of a fashion design brand from Austria, by carrying out the Creative Direction & Photography.  

While working on an E-Commerce Startup for Hair Products, I learned more about Online Marketing. After all of this experience in Art, Design, Creative, Direction & Business Development, I met  Julian 2012.  We had the same vision about moving forward to create an Agency. Every Step was learning by doing and with risk & fun!  

What do you like about working at S44?

Bringing people together to create great things in a team, Teach & inspire people of innovative things.

What’s your background?

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, I moved to Bavaria, Germany, in 1992. I have been inspired by the works of Jeff Mills (Detroit Techno DJ Artist), Tom Muller (Design), Hamansutra (Fashion Artist), ISO50 (Artist, Design), Microbot (3D Generalist), John Maeda (Design, Tech), Gmunk (Motion Design) Paul Putzar (Artist)  Ars Thanea (3D Agency) Salvador Dali (Artist) Christopher Nolan (Director) Stephen Hawking (Physic) Richard Precht (Philosoph) Julian Offermann (Founder, Partner, Friend) & Batman. All of these  

What are the values that drive you?

Life is an ongoing process, and I always strive for new possibilities. Looking at ways you can improve, what helps you, and how to create added value are essential to the creative process. These are the questions I ask myself every day; what motivates me is unlimited possibilities to live out creatively. I believe the change of man & technology strives the curiosity for more creativity.

Favorite quote:  

“No risk = no fun!”

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books?

Lanz & Precht Podcast,  

Books of Colour & Typography,  

wePowder Alps Guide (Freeride Bible)

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