Build Your Own Configurator & Rules Interpreter

The Build-Your-Own configurator considers tens of thousands of data points and allows customers to build their dream car with BMW.

tens of thousands of data points and billions of potential configurations

Developed for BMW, the Build-Your-Own Configurator and Rules Interpreter connects to BMW's central systems, feeding data into customer-facing applications so that only approved configurations are displayed.  

Leveraging the cloud and AWS micro-services, we tackled the IT design and implementation of the backend infrastructure and data generation.  

The solution offers Collective Memory for saving and loading vehicle configurations across multiple channels.  With tens of thousands of data points and billions of potential configurations, we leveraged our deep understanding of the data, data management, and the rules that help to reduce complexity.    

Our solution also enables exterior and interior viewing of the configured vehicle and user tracking for a seamless experience across digital interactions and even into the dealership.  We also handle ongoing development and enhancements, and we provide support efforts to BMW to sustain this solution.