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Revolutionize Product Development with Innovative Solutions and Enterprise IT Expertise

S44 creates custom software solutions that translate real-world needs into digital experiences, including EV charging and personalized digital retail. We collaborate with clients to identify needs and use our expertise in software engineering and user experience design to develop innovative solutions that deliver significant business impact.

Our Solutions


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Full-scale software development covering fleet electrification, V2G, public and home EV charging, Charge Point Operator (CPO), and native mobile applications supporting electrification across sectors.


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Digital solutions that streamline energy management, whether you're a consumer, utility provider, or HVAC manufacturer. With a shared mission of promoting sustainability, we innovate to help reduce environmental impact while saving customers time and money.


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End-to-end digital solutions include inventory management, product configurators, personalized vehicle recommendations, virtual showroom software and more. Our automotive solutions increase lead engagement and conversion, create supply & demand alignment, and generate insights in the entire car buying process.

Discover Our New Open Source EV Charging Solution

Are you ready to take your EV charging management to the next level? CitrineOS is more than just software; it's a catalyst for change. We are proud to offer our Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 2.0.1 open source software on GitHub. This groundbreaking platform empowers a wide range of stakeholders, from passionate EV enthusiasts to the most prominent charge point operators, fleet managers, and automotive manufacturers.

Agile Cross-Functional Teams Focused on End-User Needs

Our cross-functional teams use a comprehensive approach to product development, leveraging agile methodologies to craft solutions that prioritize end-user needs, business requirements, technical expertise, and industry knowledge. The result is impactful digital experiences that drive significant business impact.