Save Money And Reduce Energy Strain With ChargeForward

To prevent over usage on the electricity grid, Electric Vehicle owners can use ChargeForward to optimize the time they charge their vehicle - resulting in cheaper tariffs and more sustainable energy practices.

Relieving Grid Congestion While Lowering The Overall Cost

When BMW pursued an innovative charge program to provide flexibility to the California electricity grid by relieving grid congestion while lowering the overall cost of owning EV and PHEVs, our team stepped in to search for an answer. The result was a digital solution we conceived and deployed in partnership with BMW.  

Our solution, ChargeForward, guides Electric Vehicle (EV) owners through the charging process to modify vehicle charging time and lower electricity costs and renewables. In addition, it integrates with BMW’s telematics which yields real-time insights into vehicle charging information.  

The solution also leverages signals from local utilities to provide current and forecasted local grid conditions for renewable energy to enable users to optimize charging costs for a fleet of BMW EV and PHEVs.  

We designed and implemented several backend components and a micro-services architecture to integrate appropriately and aid customer experience.  

Our efforts resulted in a customer-facing website and portal, including an analytics dashboard and vehicle reporting tool.