Build-Your-Own Interactive Motorcycle Configurator

Everyone likes having things the way they want it, and with the Motorcycle Configurator, customers can customize their dream bike, find where they can get it, and own it - all within a few clicks.

Customers can build and configure motorcycles

Developed for BMW, the motorcycle configurator brings motorcycle enthusiasts the interactive ‘build your own’ experience. It enables prospective buyers to create and customize their favorite motorcycle models from a desktop or handheld device.  

As the Build Your Own configurator experts, we partnered with BMW Motorrad USA on design, development, enhancement, and support efforts, including application hosting, analytics, product data generation, maintenance, and new model year launches.  

Since its launch, our solution has enabled BMW customers to build their dream motorcycle using various colors, packages, options, and accessory offerings. In addition, helping generate customer leads for 150 dealers in the US and convert leads to sales through the dealer locator and dealer inventory search features.    

Customers can build and configure motorcycles, find dealers with inventory that closely match their configuration, and go for a test drive.