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Charging Networks Must Evolve With The Vehicles of Tomorrow

Julian Offermann argues that open standards will expedite a new EV charging network and meet consumer demands for widespread coverage
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Originally published by Julian Offermann on Automotive World on January 12, 24

Less than 20% of US adults say they will likely buy an EV as their next car, citing cost and lack of charging stations as the main deterrents. The government is working to address these concerns with tax credits for drivers and grants for companies that provide EV charging, with a plan to build a network of 1.2 million public chargers across the country. But volume alone won’t cut it. Even in the San Francisco Bay Area, 28% of fast chargers don’t work due to problems with screens, payment systems, connectors or other issues.

Read how Julian Offermann, founder of S44, thinks the industry can solve this problem in his article for Automotive World.

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