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Revolutionizing EV Charging with Scan-N-Charge

Ever been on a long road trip with your electric vehicle and finally found an available charging station, only to realize your charging network card isn’t accepted? You try your credit card, but the hardware’s too finicky. You call customer service, and they suggest downloading an app and registering. At this point, all you want is a simple way to charge your car without jumping through hoops, the way it used to be at the gas pump! Enter Scan-N-Charge, a seamless solution designed to make EV charging as simple as scanning a QR code. This innovative project, developed by our team at S44, exemplifies the kind of user-friendly, tech-forward solutions we specialize in.
EV Charging Station and the Scan-N-Charge Module

How Scan-N-Charge Works

Step 1: Scan the QR Code

Every Scan-N-Charge equipped station prominently displays a QR code. Just use your iPhone camera to scan it. The QR scanning feature is integrated into the camera app, making it incredibly straightforward.

Step 2: Open the App Clip

Upon scanning, an Apple App Clip opens automatically. For those unfamiliar, an App Clip is a lightweight version of an app that you can use without installing anything.

Step 3: Start Charging

You’ll be prompted to plug in the charging cable. Your iPhone screen will show which charger you're connected to, and you can accept the guest pricing. Confirm your payment via Apple Pay with a simple double-click onyour phone. The process is just as smooth on an Android phone.

And just like that, your EV is charging, and your worries are gone! You can monitor the charging process live, adjust the charging limit, and stop the session whenever you want. Once charging is complete, you’ll get asummary of the electricity charged, charging time, total cost, and an invoice sent to your email.

TheBenefits of Mobile Payment Integration

Scan-N-Charge shines because of its seamless mobile payment integration. In today's world, paying with a smartphone at the supermarket, a restaurant, or even a hotdog stand has become second nature, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where contactless payments soared in popularity.

Your personal data and payment information are securely stored and transmitted only in encrypted form, making mobile payments not only convenient but also secure. You don’t need to enter your details repeatedly, the process is quick, and you have the flexibility to charge your EV anywhere without relying on having to deal with multiple subscriptions or apps!

WhyNetwork Operators Should Adopt Scan-N-Charge

Imagine every charging station offering Scan-N-Charge. Ease of use and security would revolutionize the EV charging landscape, making it more accessible and user-friendly. And that’s why we have built a module to easily allow for integration with our Scan-N-Charge Solution, which will allow convenient configuration with any Charge Point Operator to route payment that comes through App Clip (Apple)our Instant App (Android). The users won’t have to be registered to use the app, however, after such a positive user experience we may encourage them to do so, and we can nudge them towards registering.

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