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Revolutionizing the Car Dealership Experience with Customer Insights

Imagine fully understanding your customers before they even set foot in your showroom. Picture knowing exactly which models and features they're interested in, so you’ll have the perfect vehicle ready for a test drive the moment they walk through your doors. Sounds like the distant future? Not with AutoIntel Customer Insights – the game-changing analytics tool transforming the car dealership experience.
A woman and a car sales man talking in front of a car at a car dealership

What is AutoIntel Customer Insights?
Customer Insights synthesizes your customer’s online shopping journey & hidden preferences into actionable sales guidance that helps you convert more leads. By recommending tailored inventory & configuration selections for every lead Customer Insights empowers you to create personalized experiences for your customers that leave a lasting impression.

How will it enhance customer experience?
Gone are the days of generic sales pitches and guesswork. With Customer Insights, you have access to every configuration your leads have built online, their engagement over time, estimated household income, and granular feature preferences. With this knowledge at hand, you can engage in more meaningful conversations from the start, losing fewer leads to competition.

How Customer Insights streamlines the Sales Process?
Customer Insights arms you with the information you need to make informed decisions,  eliminating the guesswork of trying to decipher your customers' needs. With Customer Insights, you can hit the ground running and provide a seamless and efficient buying experience to the most promising leads. Accurate purchase intent predictions for each customer help you focus on the most promising leads.

What is the benefit of using Customer Insights?
By delivering exceptional customer experiences, you're not just making a sale – you're building relationships that last. Satisfied customers will also recommend you to their friends and family, leading to more opportunities for expanding your customer base. With Customer Insights, you can leverage the power of data to exceed expectations and turn local shoppers into advocates for your dealership experience.

Reach out to us at for a demo of customer insights and to hear more about the exciting new features coming soon!

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