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Understanding the Tech Tipping Point for Emerging Markets

Thana Paris discusses how standards, accessibility, and user-centric focus shape the path to seamless innovation in this article on Spiceworks.
EV Charging

Originally published by Thana Paris on Spiceworks on February 6, 2024.

Emerging markets often start with a large influx of capital and effort to meet a pressing problem. They either find white space to solve a new problem — like EV charging — or challenge legacy solutions by finding the cracks to gain traction. Introducing new technology is disruptive, sometimes destructive, and not without stumbles. After the initial launch, three standard technology milestones come together to ease early adoption hiccups for users and manufacturers alike. They are standardization, accessibility, and customer experience. The sooner technologists hit these milestones, the greater their likelihood of success.

Read about these milestones and more on Spiceworks.

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