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Test Drive Scheduling by VSR

Provide Seamless Customer Experience When Scheduling Test Drives

Our Virtual Showroom product suite includes a solution that simplifies the scheduling of test drives for customers. By considering various data points, this solution eliminates the need for phone calls and reduces the back and forth communication between dealer and client. This results in a more efficient and seamless process for both parties


Booking a test drive has always followed the same tedious process: Request a call back, receive call back, answer a series of questions, discuss the model of vehicle you want to test drive. Often, multiple touch points are required which most consumers simply do not have time for. According to bankmycell, 88% of people would rather have unlimited data than calls on their plan. So how do we achieve test driving a vehicle that meets the customer where they want? The challenge was to provide a much more efficient experience for the customer and the dealership. The dealer could handle more appointments and save time by streamlining the process. And the customer could arrange their test drive online without having to receive a phone call. ‍


To meet the needs of our clients and improve customer experience, we created Test Drive by Virtual Showroom (VSR). As part of the VSR product suite, Test Drive is updated in real-time, so consumers can book their test drive slot that is most convenient for them. Using our tool, customer experience is simple: click a button to connect to the dealership website, submit a brief request form indicating which car you’d like to test and when.

Updated In Real-Time

Dealers benefit from the tool as it integrates into our Virtual Showroom Suite, which enables them to know exactly what cars they have in stock and match the potential buyer with the desired inventory for the test drive. The system also enables dealers to assign specific team members to monitor the test drive and engage with the customer.

Test Drive and VSR communicate seamlessly and efficiently, resulting in excellent customer experience and real-time matches to available inventory.

Rollout & Next Steps

‍Test Drive is undergoing a phased launch and currently 275 out of 350 dealers use test drive in VSR. From here, it will roll out across all BMW and associated dealerships. The next phase is to incorporate a cancellation or booking amendment feature.