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Digital Claim Management

Mitigate Potential Issues Before Product Rollout

The Digital Claim Management mobile solution allows teams to quickly identify and track malfunctioning hardware, resulting in fewer product recalls, speeding up accuracy and reporting of malfunctions in the supply chain.


Daimler needed a way to simplify the parts sampling and reclamation process. They were also seeking a way for workers to stay on the line and minimize manual data input when reporting on faulty parts. Imagine buying a car without having to worry about future recalls for malfunctioning parts. That’s now possible thanks to putting technology in the hands of the supply chain.


The Digital Claim Management (DCM) mobile solution allows collection of the required information on part malfunctions, managing ticket submissions, reporting, and fault messages transmission directly from mobile devices.Our hybrid solution utilizes Cordova to support single sign-on part number lookup via barcode scan, part fault capture with the mobile camera, and part replacement contacting over voice calling.

Improved Ticketing System

The part malfunction ticket PDF and printing ability give the assembly team a user-friendly interface that documents all relevant findings in one handy location.

In addition, the DCM solution utilizes Daimler’s Switch framework to adhere to corporate design and user experience guidelines. Our team has handled new feature development requests and releases on an ongoing basis, keeping abreast with product evolution needs.