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Fast Scaling EV Charging Network

Our Tailored Backend Solution for Optimized EV Charging

We combine commodity software components with custom-built services and applications to create a long-lasting ecosystem that reflects the customer's intellectual property.


Charge Point Operators are faced with many challenges, from site acquisitions to operational hurdles like hardware maintenance and replacements. While mainly dependent on a market that is defined by agility and fast iteration speed, it is not easy to be able to focus on the long-term value proposition, *your product*.‍ Especially for large scale charging networks, it is important to recognize, that no solution is a one size fits all.


For a U.S. EV Charging Network, we created a Charging Backend solution that fits their needs and allows for progressive scaling of their network. We deployed innovative technology, like a server-less, highly-scalable OCPP communication stack and intuitive user interfaces, tailored to the needs of internal stakeholders and existing processes with the expectation to surface data in real-time.

Modular OCPP

Given the inherent asynchronous nature of the OCPP charging protocol, a modular and event based architecture is key to scalability, durability, but also innovation. Modules can be exchanged quickly and scaled up individually, new functionality can be added faster and events are available to any ancillary services.

Data Transparency

The system was built with strong focus on operational excellence through data transparency. Native compatibility with the latest version (2.2.1) of the EV roaming protocol OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) round out the solution and makes it more than future proof.

Impact & Insights

The software powers an EV charging network of 806 charging stations, 3500+ fast chargers, 116 Level 2 chargers, and more coming soon!