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EV Charging Native Mobile App

Electric Car Charging at Your Fingertips

Native iOS and Android EV Charging Mobile App With White Label Capabilities


A U.S. EV Charging Network sought to provide EV drivers with a mobile app that would help save time and money, indicate best charging times (at a home or public charging station), and include network status and availability. The app needed to be native so that it can be white labeled for incoming OEMs as they launched electric vehicles and utilized the charging network.


The S44 digital experience team developed the native iOS and Android mobile application which enables electric vehicle drivers to charge their cars from home or at a public charging station. The app was also developed to have white labeling capabilities for various car manufacturers entering the electric vehicle space. Connecting multiple endpoints and use cases, the app rating and utilization skyrocketed within the first month of launch.

Manage Your Home Charging From the Mobile App

All services are at the customers’ fingertips, including pricing, location assistance, scheduling a charge to maximize price per kW hour, notifications, and recall of ongoing promo codes. Manage your EV home charging from the mobile app, charge history, remote start, schedule charging, find info from local tariff to optimize charging schedule. The application also provides Time of Use plan — to include dynamic pricing information to maximize charging and control customer costs.

EV Home Charging

Our team leveraged an event-based, RESTful API and micro-services architecture, which enables flexible development of the application on an ongoing basis. Throughout this project, we created the asset tools that enabled our client to manage and operate their network while simultaneously developing the backend for the mobile application for L2 chargers.

Over 150,000 Downloads and 12,000 Daily Users

iOS downloads have reached over 87,000 downloads, and Android has reached over 72,000 active downloads to date. iOS holds an average of around 300 users per day, while both platforms show around 12,000 total daily users across all ELAM/ELCA/JEEP iOS and Android apps. The latest rating of the app is 4.3 stars - a 200%+ increase from original app reviews prior to S44 development.