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Vehicle Inventory Search

Find The Right Car In Your Local Area

Discover your dream car with Inventory Search. Our advanced system leverages location data and real-time stock information to facilitate online product discovery.


In today's digital age, car buyers expect a seamless and intuitive online experience when it comes to finding and purchasing their dream car. With the rise of e-commerce, consumers now demand a hassle-free and inventory-based online shopping experience. As a result, automotive companies have realized the importance of providing an intuitive and easy-to-use online tools.


Developed for BMW, we created Inventory Search, which serves as one of the shopping tools enabling visitors to search for new BMWs. Inventory Search helps locate vehicles that are already out there and ready for purchase. Using location data, advanced filtering systems, and up-to-date stock information, customers can find the vehicle they are looking for in their search area. They can also use Inventory Search to see which dealers are stocking new models or find their own 'unicorn' of a vehicle.

Inventory Search helps locate vehicles

Users simply input their postal code and are treated to a showcase of vehicles available at dealerships in their area. If they have something particular in mind, they can use our advanced filtering system to narrow the results by metrics such as BMW series, body style, MSRP, paint color, and more.

Streamlining the Car Buying Process

By leveraging a key subset of the inventory vehicle data already available to dealers, this tool has high performance at a national scale while focusing on only those vehicles relevant to end customers. Inventory Search also closely integrates with Build-Your-Own.