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Digital Tools Streamline HVAC Installations

Intuitive Heat Pump Tool

Designing an Intuitive Heat Pump Layout Software for Installers


Installing a heat pump for a single-family or multi-family house can pose a variety of challenges for heating installers. The appropriate type and size of heat pump must be determined based on factors such as the dimensions and facilities of the house, as well as the geographical and geological conditions of the site. In the past, installers lacked digital tools for accurately calculating the heat pump layout, relying instead on Excel-based solutions, which they were often hesitant to use.


To address this issue, German HVAC leader, Wolf GMBH tasked us with developing a software concept and design for heat pump layout. In the initial stage, we conducted a workshop with developers and engineers to capture all technical and functional requirements. Additionally, we conducted interviews with installers to analyze the exact processes and conditions on site.

From Concept to Wireframes

In the process of concept development, user flows, navigation concept, wireframes and first UI design drafts were created in close coordination with Wolf software developers.

Feedback-Driven Design

The further design development was accompanied by permanent test and feedback loops and in the end the finished concept and design of the Wolf heat pump software was achieved.

Design Handover

All design elements, layouts, templates and style guides were fully documented and made available to the Wolf software developers on the Zeplin platform.