Unlock the Future of EV Charging: S44's Expert OCPI Solutions

Focus Areas


  • Data-Driven Approach
    Prioritizing data capabilities and user experience for informed decisions and exceptional analytics.
  • Industry Leadership
    S44 is an active contributor to the EVRoaming Foundation, ensuring your infrastructure stays ahead by adapting to new technologies and market trends.
  • Seamless Compatibility
    In-house testing guarantees compatibility between charging stations from different manufacturers and adherence to OCPP/OCPI requirements.
  • Data Integration
    Expertise in design and integration of eMSP/CPO data processes with various data warehouse solutions for streamlined operations.


  • User Interface Design
    Full implementation and design of user interfaces for mobile applications and web admin portals, enabling the expansion of charging stations in North America.
  • Simplified Billing
    Implementation of standard payment interfaces, simplifying the billing and payment process with options like Apple, Google, and more.
  • Seamless Charging Experience
    Our eMSP design and implementation ensure a seamless charging experience for multiple OEMs, enhancing user satisfaction.
  • Compliance with Standards
    Design and implement CPO solutions adhering to OCPP and OCPI standards, ensuring the reliability and compatibility of your charging infrastructure.
  • Nationwide Network Management
    User interfaces designed to support nationwide charger network management, providing comprehensive control.


  • UI/UX Implementation
    Benefit from our expertise in user interface and user experience design, tailored to current trends and extensive research.
  • eMSP Implementation
    Implement your eMSP infrastructure based on OCPI standards, ensuring seamless operation.
  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure
    Rely on our architectural design, implementation, and hosting services for your eMSP infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Help Desk Integration
    Integration services to connect your help desk with eMSP and CPO systems, providing comprehensive customer support.

We recognize the evolving landscape of EV charging and OCPI. Our future-focused approach involves:

  • Ultra-Fast Charging
    Adapting OCPI to provide ultra-fast charging options.
  • Smart Grid Integration
    Enabling dynamic pricing and optimizing charging based on renewable energy sources.
  • Global Integration
    Enhancing global integration between eMSPs for better user charging planning.
  • Improved User Experience
    Simplifying the flow of charge and increasing charger availability in more locations.