Our Story

Almost a decade ago, two companies were founded to meet the technology and creative demands of the fast-evolving automotive industry. One, a tech start-up focused on enterprise solutions and SaaS products, and the other, a boutique design studio. In 2022 we have come together as S44, a digital experience company.

Intersection of Tech & Design

In 2021, Sulzer US merged with Spektrum44, creating an end-to-end digital experience company called S44.

Our global team has focused on tackling complex business challenges in the automotive, mobility and energy sectors, though our services also extend to manufacturing and tourism.

To Serve Our Current And Future Customers Better

We provide a single source for innovation and implementation to tackle the industry’s biggest needs through software engineering, design, intuition, and data.

Our global, multi-disciplinary team brings together industry veterans and rising stars to create a collaborative and diverse approach to problem-solving, innovation, and customer excellence.

Ideally, a quote from a member of our team about the S44 talent philosophy, or why they recommend working for the company.
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